A Singapore-based media entertainment company that specialises in artiste and talent management, multimedia production and event conceptualisation.

Co-founded by ex-deejay, actor and show presenter, Dasmond Koh in 2011, NoonTalk Media aims to be the leading media agency in introducing and creating exciting content to cater to the demand and ever-changing preference of audience, making Singapore's mediascape a vibrant one.

We create limitless opportunities for our artistes and talents. Over the years, we have successfully groomed and managed artistes and talents to take on key roles in local and regional productions as well as for product and campaign endorsements.

Our strong passion for quality entertainment content has led us to constantly challenge the standard of productions and ourselves. In recent years, we have expanded our service offerings to include multimedia production and post-production works as well as event management. We have made significant progress in a short span of time, having worked with prominent brands and shows to deliver some of the best events and entertainment programmes in the market.

NoonTalk Media is well-recognised as one of Singapore’s leading Chinese media entertainment companies. Instilling passion and interest in the Chinese language and culture among young audience is something that is close to our heart. As such, we seek to play an instrumental role, influencing and cultivating interest in the language through our myriad of highly-entertaining in-house productions.

NoonTalk Media aims to be at the forefront of media entertainment experiences, continuously seeking new opportunities to deliver on our promise and passion.

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